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3 Cantray Square


Inverness, Scotland


01667 493500

Cantraybridge was established in 1994 and is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Scottish charity.  Company registration number 149774, charity number SCO 22419.

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Cantray Park - community , family and business events at Cantraybridge College

Cantraybridge College was established to promote the skills and talents of young people with disabilities.  For 20 years, the college has sought to champion the rights of young people with disabilities by creating opportunities to learn and grow, opportunities which many of their mainstream peers have access to by virtue of them not having a learning disability.


A hybrid of care farming, social care and vocational approaches to learning and development are at the centre of our work with young people with learning and physical disabilities.  Our focus on vocational and life skills mean that community engagement plays an important role in helping us to ensure our young people develop to their full potential during their time with us.


Cantray Park is the part of our organisation dedicated to social enterprise.  Through Cantray Park we work hard to attract visitors and customers to our site to enjoy the Cantray Park Cafe, to take part in events and activities, to play a part in our exciting projects and to help us build a vibrant and active local community.


Our social enterprise shows potential employers/mentors that we work with an amazing team of young people who could form a valuable part of their workforce in future.  This is an essential part of transitioning our students into communities as skilled and valuable contributors once their journey at Cantraybridge College and Cantray Park is complete.  


“Good things come in large, steel packages”, or so we say at Cantray Park.  Years of planning, persuading and project management have enabled us to create a flexible, sustainable and inspiring hub where we can run Cantray Park Café, our social enterprise, and where we can teach, have fun and develop young people’s potential.  Of course, we couldn’t have done this without significant support from our funders and local supporters and for that we are truly grateful.  We’ve produced a short film that shows the construction journey.  We like to think of it as a metaphor for how we are developing as an organisation and for how young people take steps each day to be become the masters of their own destiny.  We hope you enjoy it.