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Cantraybridge was established in 1994 and is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Scottish charity.  Company registration number 149774, charity number SCO 22419.

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Compost is the end product of the natural breakdown of organic waste material.  

Composting is usually done either in a compost bin or in a compost heap. When we add the organic materials to our bins or heaps it starts to break down and turn into the material we call compost . This process is called decomposition.


Why Should We Compost


Today in the world we produce large amounts of  waste . This waste can cause pollution , by composting  we can help the planet by reducing the amount we throw away. Composting also produces less methane which is one of the gases released from our food waste as it breaks down,  and contributes to the 'greenhouse'  gases that can cause global warming and climate change.

Composting our food and green waste also gives us a source of free compost that we can use around our gardens , this is a great way to help valuable nutrients transfer back into our soils and improve our crops without having to use chemicals.


How To Compost


To begin making compost  we need to have a suitable place to put our waste products. You can use a ready made compost bin that can be bought from the garden centre -some local councils also supply compost bins -or you can build your own ! By building your own you are also helping the enviroment by using recycled materials . At Cantraybridge we have made our compost bins from old wooden pallets.  


What Can We Compost


What we put into our compost is very  important . We can have any size ( big is best ! ) or shape of compost bin but if we do not add the right mix of waste into them we will not  make good compost . Think of it like making a cake - we need to put the right amount of  ingredients into the mixture  to get a good end result. To make good compost we use a mixture of ' green ' and 'brown' ingredients.

 Green ingredients are made up of fresh plant items  like fruit and vegetable peelings or grass cuttings. These are a good source of nitrogen . Brown ingredients are made up of dry or woody  items like cardboard , straw and dry leaves. These help to add bulk and air to our compost and are a good source of carbon. You should aim to have a 30/70 mix of green/brown to get the best results.



Our pallet compost bays getting put together. Time to get turning !