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3 Cantray Square


Inverness, Scotland


01667 493500

Cantraybridge was established in 1994 and is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Scottish charity.  Company registration number 149774, charity number SCO 22419.

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Nature's Pantry

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Nature’s Pantry is focused on teaching people about the end-to-end processes of growing, nurturing and harvesting fresh, local produce (root vegetables, salad crops and soft fruits) and the environmental and community benefits that this can create.  


It’s also about presenting a real-live carbon challenge demonstration site that highlights renewable alternatives, the market garden and composting options for visitors to learn about while visiting our café and experiencing fresh, local produce.


Nature’s Pantry at Cantray Park aims to engage the local community and the college community to work together to understand how we can reduce the impact we all have on the environment as a result of our activities.  


We aim to work as a team create a local resource for the community that provides a café, opportunity to buy produce and the chance to work directly with us to manage and reduce waste through understanding soil, composting and local climate.

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