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Cantraybridge was established in 1994 and is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Scottish charity.  Company registration number 149774, charity number SCO 22419.

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1. Do worms have eyes?


Worms do not have eyes ,instead they posses "receptor cells". These cells are sensitive to light and let them know whether they are in or too close to light. They don't like the light and will die if left in the sun light too long.


2. Do worms have lungs?


Worms do not have lungs. They breathe by absorbing oxygen through their skin. Since they don't inhale they must remain wet at all times so the transfer of dissolved oxygen can take place. They coat themselves in mucous especially in dryer conditions to keep from suffocating.


3. Do worms have teeth?


No, but they do have a mouth. They suck food through their mouths by the use of a powerful pharynx.  They also have a gizzard much like a chicken that helps them to grind their food.


4. What's the ring in the middle of the worm?


This is called the clitellum (also called a saddle) and is actually located closer to the mouth or anterior end of the worm. The clitellum is responsible for producing the cocoon which will hold the embryo. This is where baby worms come from.


 5. How many hearts do worms have?


Amazingly worms have 5 hearts.



6. What are the little hairs called on it's body?


These little hairs are called "setae". They enable a worm to cling to the walls of it's burrow and to move around easily on the ground or up a wall. That's why it can be so difficult to pull them out of their little holes. These tiny hairs are like Velcro !


7. What does an adult worm look like?


Well  adults are bigger, but the only way to tell the difference between a young worm and an adult worm is by the clitellum.

If a worm has a clitellum (the thick band or ring) then you know that it's an adult.


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